Criar.xyz is a creativity blog-project to document the process of creating and developing ideas.

The ideas imagined here can be “anything”, as, by the end of the day there is a “deliverable” asset.

And when I say “anything“, it can surprisingly be anything within a minimal scope. In this initial phase (May 2020, during the pandemic), the focus will be on Game Design, Applications, or Arts.

The goal is to generate and broadcast ideas and turn them into solutions. Doing more without worrying so much about the results.

The project was motivated by several references, such as:

Christhian. Black and white photo, long hair to the shoulder, light eyes, and wide-rimmed glasses, in a dark t-shirt. The background is blurred, but you can notice an origami of a macaw.

Christhian Gruhh

Things maker that wants to learn about everything at the same time, and in the process, teaches what knows and supports everyone.

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